Courtland Cemetery Cleanup


In December, 2017, a Facebook group called Ghost Town Trails Tour, organized a cleanup of the Courtland Cemetery. This group of folks worked hard to pull weeds, cut back brush and mesquite, re stack the rocks and reset the crosses on the graves. All but 15 of the graves were tended to, because everyone just flat ran out of energy. A physical count of the graves was also done on that day, verifying that indeed, there are 85 graves there.


In January, 2018, a proposal was sent to the Bureau of Land Management to request a fence to be placed around the cemetery to keep the open range cattle out, since they are the cause of most of the damage.  The BLM set the date of September 22, 2018 to commence fencing. They supplied the fencing materials,  t-shirts, food, a boy scout troop, and extra hands to assist. In addition, the slab graves of Thomas Allen and Jose Garcia were repaired on September 22, 2018. To see photos from the September 22nd event, please go to the Fencing the Cemetery page.


A replacement marker for Simon Franklin's grave was also ordered from the VA in January. This marker was received in February and on September 15th, 2018, Simon Franklin's marker was replaced. Photos of the day can be seen on Simon Franklin's page.


A "Courtland Cemetery est. 1909" sign has been routed of wood, and is now mounted at the entrance to the cemetery.


Eventual plans include having a kiosk installed with the names of those buried in the cemetery, and replacing the wooden crosses.


Where is the plot map? Or, was there ever a plot map to begin with? Unknown. Courtland was not an incorporated town. There was no town hall, or formal church. Church services were held at the school building. There are no cemetery records in the state, or county archives.




Courtland Cemetery Cleanup--December 30, 2017

Photo contributors to the slide show below are: Eric Cee, Hal Gilliland, Kenneth Stuart, Jose Castillo, and Marc Smelser.



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