Fencing the Courtland Cemetery


Once the Courtland Cemetery was cleaned up in December 2017, the Safford office of the Bureau of Land Management was contacted in early January 2018. Since most of the damage at the cemetery seemed to be from cattle wandering the open range, a proposal was submitted to BLM requesting that the cemetery area be fenced in order to keep the cattle out.


At that same time, a request was also submitted to the Veteran's Administration, to have Simon Franklin's headstone replaced. The new headstone arrived in late February, 2018. You can read about that on Simon Franklin's page.


In conjunction with National Parks Land Day, the date of September 22, 2018 was set by BLM as the date the fence would be installed. The BLM provided the materials, pizza, members from Boy Scout Troop 402, a few extra hands, and tee shirts for all those attending. Two smaller work sessions were done in August and earlier in September to determine where the fence line was to be placed and cut back brush along the new fence  line.


In all, there were about 50 good hearted folks who attended the event at the cemetery on September 22nd. A few hundred pounds of weeds and vegetation were hauled off, and Charles Hancock, a retired Army Sgt. Major and President of the Southwest Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers, arrived in full period Union Army attire and gave a short history of Sgt. Franklin and of the role of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Indian Wars in the area. This was followed by the playing of Taps by Isabella Sagia from Buena High School in Sierra Vista.


The slide show below might be a bit lengthy, but there were too many great photos from which to choose. They are not in any particular order, either. Photo contributions are from Rhonda Hull, Marc Smelser, Clay Posey, Joanne Rummel, and Eric Cee.



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