Many of the jail's "guests" were frequent flyers and committed petty offenses so they could be thrown in jail. They were also allowed out during the day to perform community service and the time was reduced from their sentence.


Most people would wait for Sheriff Bright to find them, and take them in. The exception was a fellow who went by the name of "Frijoles."


From 1910 until sometime in 1914, Frijoles would commit a crime (usually petty theft), and then go sit on the doorstep of the jail and wait for Sheriff Bright to show up in the morning. Frijoles would then confess his crime, and often hand over the stolen item. He also refused to do community service, so he usually served his full 30-day sentence.


In one incident, Frijoles was caught stealing eggs from a woman's residence. He denied the act, even though he had put the eggs in his pants pockets and they somehow got smashed. The lady of the house held Frijoles at bay in her kitchen until Sheriff Bright could get there, and there stood Frijoles, with egg innards soaking through his pants pockets, still denying that he had done anything wrong.


The one time Frijoles had an actual, paying job earned him a big write up in the town's newspaper. Everyone had hoped he had turned a new leaf. The job lasted about a week, and Frijoles relapsed back into his life of petty crimes.


Although his real name was Salvador Chacon, I have yet to discover much of anything else about him. His name did not come up in my search of the Cochise County death records. In early 1914, he had to spend about six months in the jail over in Tombstone. Upon release, he returned to Courtland and took up his old ways once again. Then all of a sudden...there was no more mention of Frijoles....




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