Gleeson Cemetery


The Gleeson Cemetery is about 1900 feet west of Gleeson Jail. The earliest burial on record was  in 1904. The Gleeson Cemetery is still maintained, It is the final resting place of many local characters, including Yee Wee, who ran a restaurant in Gleeson for decades, and of Eugene Yoakem, the last resident of the nearby ghost town of Courtland. Some of the graves are surrounded by fences.


One local resident recalls his grandfather’s story about stumbling out of the Bono Saloon in its heyday, blind drunk, and deciding to sleep it off after securing his horse for the night “in a little corral”, only to find to his horror the next morning that he had penned the animal inside one of the fenced plots in the cemetery!


Yee Wee owned a Chinese restaurant in Gleeson for several decades. Eugene Yoakem was literally the last man out of Courtland when he passed in 1974.


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