Pearce Jail


The Pearce Jail was constructed in 1915 at a cost of about $600.00.The two-room jail is made of concrete poured over rebar. The 10 inch thick walls and ceiling, along with its heavy iron doors, made sure that the "guests" were well secured. There were a few windows in each of the two cells, which were divided by a solid wall of concrete. The windows were mere slits--about six inches tall and 12 inches wide--with one inch iron bars spaced about every two inches. Each cell also had a toilet and sink and most likely, a wood burning stove stood in the center of each cell.


The jail was used up until about 1938. It stood empty for many years, the property it sits on exchanged hands several times, and it became someone's storage room.


Eventually, the land that the jail sits on was donated to the Old Pearce Preservation Association, but not the one and only key that opened both cell doors.


In 2015, expert locksmiths were called upon, and took up the challenge of making a new key. In August 2015, the Pearce Jail was reopened for the first time in many years, and the process of cleaning it out began.


The Pearce Jail is usually open from 10 AM - 2 PM, October - May, on the first Saturday of each month.


Photo courtesy of Laurin Richey.



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