Tombs With a View


The two slab graves at the Courtland Cemetery belong to Thomas Allen and Jose Garcia...or Jesus Costello. Note a couple of dependencies here....


Thomas Allen's name on his headstone is Tomas Allen. The newspaper obit and his death certificate says, Thomas Allen.


Jose record anywhere for him. The newspaper obit says Jesus Costello, and there's a death certificate for Jesus. Could be one of the two names was a nickname of sorts.


Thomas Allen was a well known rancher in the Gleeson and Courtland area. Jose/Jesus lived on the ranch with the Allen family.


The Spanish Flu pandemic was in full swing at the time. Thomas Allen was ill for four days before he passed at the age of 45 on Friday night, November 16, 1918. Jose/Jesus passed the next day, at the age of 16.


They had a double funeral at the Courtland Cemetery on Sunday, November 18, 1918.


Their concrete slab graves became damaged, most likely from cattle walking across them. The slabs were repaired on September 22, 2018.



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