Currently, this is a "follow me" tour that occurs in late October and in late April. Carpooling is suggested. The roads are a mixture of dirt and pavement (mostly dirt), but all are passenger car friendly, and we go slow, following the original routes between towns as much as possible.


Bring your own lunch, munchies, and water. There are really no picnic facilities until we get to Gleeson, so you can "tailgate" at Pearce or Courtland, or "eat on the roll."


Dress for the weather and environment. There is not a lot of walking, but we'll still be out in the desert, and you might want to explore a little. Open toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc., are not recommended.


As mentioned above, there is not a lot of walking. Most is on flat ground, or going up and down a step or two at the Cochise Hotel. About the most "strenuous" walking will be in Courtland, where there's a slight hill to walk down and back up, which is about 400 feet both ways. This part is optional, and up to you.


The tour will start at 10 AM at the Cochise Hotel and wind up around 3-ish at the Gleeson Jail.


The cost of the October and April tour is FREE. It is suggested that you leave a dollar or two in the donation jars at the Cochise Hotel, Pearce Jail and Gleeson Jail, as these are all privately owned and all maintenance and upkeep fees come straight out of their own pockets. And maybe throw a couple of bucks at your tour guide, too, to cover printing costs for the maps and brochures you get with your tour.


Other tour options are also available for smaller groups, clubs and schools, for a small fee.


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If you have any questions, or want to arrange a tour, please please go to the Contact page and send a message.





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